So offensive for our Lord ! How could it be legally possible for the USA to apply SHARIA law without first incorporating it ? Because now Catholic Church is a trojan horse.


(Iowa) Catholic U. Opens Gender-Separated Muslim Prayer Space

[A CATHOLIC UNIVERSITY in Davenport, Iowa, just opened a special space for Muslims to gather and pray, one where genders can’t mix and strict Islamic principles and beliefs prevail.

The prayer room comes in honor of a deceased professor who taught at the college on world religions.

The SAUDI STUDENT ASSOCIATION had a hand in bringing the room to reality. […]]


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  • Actually, it is a nightmare !

Do Saudi Universities provide prayers room space for Catholic students in Saudi Arabia ?

NO, of course.

  • So it’s a heretic spreading !

Yet at the same time it is not acceptable  to tolerate gender discriminations being perpetuated by muslim claim mechanisms with the support of the Catholic Church.

In USA, these muslim programs are carried out with support from the Catholic Churches.


I shall denounce the Pope Francis as a heretic and unfortunately my duty requires it at the specific request of the Lord. 


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It seems pretty obvious Jesus would never have agreed to a deal with muslim Saudi students which think women as inferior.

Christianism considers that one individual should not be subordinated to another.

  • Women are not impure !

So, now, Christian people know why Pope Francis promotes an islamic culture that denies women’s basic rights.

The worst is that Pope Francis and his black sheep know that Islam does not recognize the divinity of our Lord  nor the  resurrection of CHRIST.

Today Catholic Church is a band of renegate bandits.

They’re mercenaries, here for the saudi money since the arrival of petrodollars.


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I feel His anger, the anger of Jesus CHRIST toward these criminal pastors since this morning.

I realized this morning that it was the feast of the Ascension, and I was feeling bad, very sad.
  • The Ascension isn’t just His day, today !

This is typical of this Roman Imperial Catholic Church, all a bunch of hypocrites.

All it will do is to give a malign new impulse to a cult of violence and death.

Pope Francis adopted “the cult of Caesar”.

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The Lord said : – “Pope Francis must resign and hand over power immediately.”

He says : – “He [the Pope Francis] has to resign and he has to resign now !

  • Because Pope Francis knows that himself, he doesn’t believe in the divinity of Jesus CHRIST.”

“Pope Francis is an AGNOSTIC.”, affirms Jesus to me.

“You must know that Pope Francis is not a christian man.”

  • Pope Francis doesn’t believe in Jesus, the Truth.

That is the real Truth.

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“L’homme blanc sera traité en Occident comme a été traité l’homme noir en Afrique par ses nouveaux maîtres” avait annoncé un grand Prophète africain et chrétien, Simon KIMBANGU. Il avait aussi prédit le retour de la barbarie, de la polygamie, la surpopulation en découlant, l’exode de la jeunesse africaine en Europe et… la même tragédie en Europe. Même cause, mêmes effets !  
  • Simon KIMBANGU était aussi un grand résistant !

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