#Medium – From Salvador DALI :- “When Catalonia will be independant ! Then Spain will be destroyed.”

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Salvador DALI has already visited me in the past.

It’s a great honor even I have often asked myself why, being christian and not him.

But he responded that he was christian too, virtually catholic.

– Now let him talk !

Especially that he wants to speak for at least six days !

It is to say for the new year 2020.

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So he wants you to know what will happen in 2020 and later.

– “Catalonia wants independance and will gain independance even if you are still skeptikal, less because this country is economically strong than because Spain is politically weak.

Salvador DALI shows me a fragmented country, destabilized after the Second World War, fragmented territorially, economically and ethnically.

After the democratic breakthrough of the early 1980 and the liberal transition to a post-conservative military regime, the established management system broke down.

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Salvador Dali. Prémonition de la guerre civile (1936)

The international socialist Republic currently in power wants the death of the Francoism and the monarchy.

Socialists participate in the destruction of their country like everywhere in Europe.

There is no longer government in Spain.

Socialist bastard politicians are just salespeople in the import-export field and traffickers of human beings as Emmanuel MACRON in France.

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This is a tragic stage in the unification process, Catalonia leaving Spain, because Catalonia is one of Spain’s wealthier regions.

The principle of unification was betrayed by these rabies-stricken dogs socialists who illegally excavated General FRANCO’s body, only because they are freemasons hating all the Catholics.

The fact is that Spain is a catholic country like France and the legislation was in keeping with its moral principles and social beliefs.

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General FRANCO has maintained Spain’s unity even during the Second World War.

– Spaniards, remember Victory Day and remember the time of the conquest when you were a people of conquerors !

They spoke of you like when the Bible spoke of unprepared courage.

– Yes, they were in effect speaking of you whom Europe has honoured at the time of the Reconquista !

You, spanish christian people, must pay homage to the legacy ol General FRANCO, who gave you act respecting your country, Spain, in three words :


– Spain, “one, great and free”, not half-hearted or mediocre !

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But Socialists have no principles.

They like trying to make money or get famous.

They love only money, full stop !

– “Become millionnaire !” says the socialist president of France, Emmanuel MACRON.

Money is their country, the heart of their secret loves and their dreams for the future.

Socialists have no concrete plans to develop their nation.

It is often said that the spanish nation has been recognized but what spanish nation has been recognized if the tools are not there to fully develop it socially and economically ?

It’s a global war against catholicism and christian people.

– See around you !

Socialists sell Spain as a paradise but the opposite has happened because Europe as a whole has been left to the mercy of internationalist interests, with all too familiar consequences.

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "guernica salvador dali""

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