Clairvoyance – From John WAYNE : – “Have you gone completely mad, Donald (TRUMP) ? Come on, what’s the matter ? What’s wrong with you ? Prove you’re still the President of the USA, not the poodle of the Prince of Saudi Arabia, “MBS”, a name which sounds like the trademark of the first richest man in the world. Have you sold your soul to the evil plan of Saudi Arabia and its devilish and so bloddy Wahhabism, Donald TRUMP ? STOP THAT ! Syria is not “OUR WAR”.

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  •  “Did I get to be this old ?” – Illustration choosen by John WAYNE himself

If “credibility” were purged from the debate and the focus placed squarely on advancing long-term US interests, it would become apparent that an attack on Syria might not yield even temporary geopolitical gains.

  • So, what’s wrong with you, Donald TRUMP ?

Some years ago, the prime minister of a member State of the European Union earned ill fame as a poodle of the U.S. but today the President of the United States of America has himself created a strong impression that he is just a poodle of the Prince of Saudi Arabia, “MBS”, Mohammed BEN SALMANE.

  • This current President of USA, now it is you, Donald (TRUMP) !

Yes, now, you ARE the poodle of the Prince of Saudi Arabia.

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Also choosen by John WAYNE

And, yet, here you’ve become your generation’s most renowned “Doctor STRANGELOVE”.

As one french newspaper described you, you are in the position of “a new-look Doctor STRANGELOVE”.

Explain to me why don’t you interfere in Yemen where Saudi Arabia kills each day thousands of innocent people ?

What kind of sense does it make that USA should still be attacking Syria and next Iran to please a Prince of Saudi Arabia ?

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They’re including us only as a treachery to their own believers, just to keep them and us quiet.

They will correct you and the US,

– God bless America !, a christian continent,

  • with the sharp edge of their sword the moment your back is turned.

  • Never forget that, guy !

Secundly explain to me why you would shoot Bachar El ASSAD, the President of a country which never has attacked USA,

  • and not the criminal Saudi Islamists who have attacked USA on the 9/11 ?

When the U.S.A. was attacked on September 11, 2001, we stood shoulder to shoulder with the innocent victims in our shock and grief.

  • I’m waiting for your answers, Donald TRUMP !

I don’t understand you anymore man.

  • Are you really crazy ?

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Third, when you attack the wrong target, Syria or Russia, because it’s the same target, attacks double-dipping when you should be attacking debt dumping and islamism, that shows a big level of incompetence.


Shame on you, Donalt TRUMP, you, the Republican candidate who said that you vill never imitate George BUSH, Bill CLINTON and Barack OBAMA !

These presidents have bought political time for US administrations to continue prosecuting ill-considered and expensive wars with little domestic scrutiny.

Women and children are the main victims of these senseless, unjust wars, which have done such harm to all aspects of life in the Middle East.

But you don’t stop it.

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No !

  • You are a liar, Donald TRUMP.

  • You must stop this senseless war at once.

  • That senseless war, of course, did not make Israel any safer.

Madness and greediness for the natural resources of the world lead the elites of the United States to undertake an absurd and irrational war and to bring violence and death to the world.

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I am amazed to hear the President of the United States,

  • you, Donald TRUMP !

– talk about the implementation of international resolutions when, today, you want to unleash a war of tyranny and aggression

  • that flouts even the most elementary humanitarian principles, let alone legal norms.

  • Before any military intervention, UN resolution must explicitly give the international community the right to intervene militarily.

  • Not only USA, Great Britain and France, the “Trilateral Committee”, the Mask of the financial oligarchy, have to decide to provoke a military conflict supported by Israël and Saudi Arabia .

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  • “Don’t be so stupid anymore !”, says John WAYNE.

These criminal ideas of starting World War III were tailored to the views of the financial oligarchy.

So the monetary and economic government of USA will no longer be based on democracy but on wealthiest oligarchy like in Europe.

To quote the french newspaper, a leading media in the voluntary press in Europe, “Doctor STRANGELOVE” is alive and well and working in the Pentagon.

So you behave like a poodle shivering in fear of what its master might do.

  • And your MASTER IS SAUDI ARABIA, do you know that ?

You held America in your arms and, in the danger, you swore that you would not live your life like a dog, is it OK ?

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  • Are you a man, Donald TRUMP ?

You swore never do that, to be a dog ready to obey your new MASTER, a Prince of Saudi Arabia who has bought your soul, the soul of the United States of America, guy !

  • Because he bought your soul and the soul of the USA with its oil money, yep !

So petrodollars exacerbate poverty in America with these senseless wars, not cure it.

You know, the time has come for you to stop this foolish interfering.

  • Listen to me :

  • STOP this “foolish” behavior at once or I refuse to help you !

Who yields for power would even sell his soul to hell, remember that, my pal !

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