– “The Great Impeachment against President of the United States of America, Donald Trump” : John Wayne showed me what to do in a premonitory dream about struggle for american patriot survival.

– And in France, who represents John Wayne ? Nobody ! Shame on us.

First, I had this premonitory dream a long time ago (much more than several months ago) in which it was the third time that John Wayne met me in a stressful situation.

It was like he was here in a large main room with me.

A sudden noise cut off our conversation.

A heavily armed commando managed to get past the security, prepared an attack in the house and apparently carried it out.

John Wayne was armed too but not me and I was terrified.

He had to get from one place to another in this house by holding on to chairs placed between rooms to avoid being seen by the unknown enemy.

Then he asked me to hide while he picked up Donald Trump who was busy at presidential work in his office.

The president of the USA could not imagine that he would be captured by a heavily armed commando in his own House (reference to White House ?).

In my dream, I felt as I was a spectator listening to inner voice and at the same time trying to understand it.

It was as if I was watching a film with action hero stuff.

John Wayne was known as a hero with a good sense of solidarity and love for his country.

It’s a sentiment which binds, shared feeling and common goal to do what’s best for the nation.

It’s patriotism, a concept which brings people together.

(The flag shirt : – “Why patriotism is so important”)

– John Wayne, my favorite macho, macho man who does not support arguments about weaker sex !

Donald Trump embodied these strong values, such as resistance to globalist tyranny and he was someone that people looked up to.

Otherwise the actual President of the USA had received a very heavy mediatical sanction, the request for him to resign by Democratic Party before he stood trial.

– It was the “Great Impeachment” !

My premonitory dream warned him (Donald Trump) about a future abduction, the abduction of the President of the USA by ennemies of America.

But never forget that the good guy always wins in the end element of film and television.

Although there may be many dangers, though we (John Wayne and me) are harassed surrounded on all sides by enemis of America, we will not perish in this dream.

Obtaining more tommy magazines which had been abandoned by renegade soldiers, John Wayne steadfastly held his position and later he saved the President cleverly avoiding an ambush.

Action hero broke the ceiling of House (figurative form of “break through the glass ceiling” ?), later exploding in all directions.

Then, strongly emphasizing the need for protecting Donald Trump against the negative political atmosphere and a deplorable climate promoting collective hysteria together with calls to overthrow the President of the USA, John Wayne said to me :

– “Tell him (to Donald Trump) that he has to break everything.

He must blow the roof off !

He will clean up this mess, only by exploding the ceiling.

– Never forget that :

– IT IS “BY THE HIGH” !” (direct translation)

Afterwards I was awaken.

I didn’t understand this bizarre dream and I didn’t know how to make it intelligible.

Then I have forgotten to publish it.

But what was once a dream has become reality.

And this is the time to do it, to describe this premonitory dream.

– “It’s never too late !”

John Wayne encourages me to do it but he says also this for Donald Trump.

It’s just the beginning. Wake up, America !

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